Author: Ana, Leire, Silvia and Sofia C.

  1. Do you like your job making the decorations?

Yes, she loves it.

2. It is difficut to think a theme to decore?

No, I usually have about 10 different ideas before choosing one.

3. How long have you been decorating the church?

I have been decorating the churh since 2009.

4.What was your favourite Christmas backdrop?

I don’t have a favorite, all of them are unique and special.

5. Who helps you to make them?

I usually make most of them by myself, but Adrian is my partner.

6. Do you like the result with the children singing?

Yes, and the parents told me that they also do.

7. How many hours do you spend making them?

I don’t know exactly how many hours I spend, but it depends on the day.

Photograph of Ruth Forgan.

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