Our main character is Ruth Forgan. Who is she? What does she do?
By Sofia, Iranzu, Noah and Claudia

Today’s protagonist is Ruth Forgan because she decorates the
stage for christmas every year. Then we have asked her some questions
which she has answered:
1-How do you organize to decorate everything?
l use all my free time to decorate this school. I’m lovin ‘it.
2-How long does it take you to place all the decoration?
lt usually takes me 40 to 60 hours to decorate the stage.
3-Does anyone help you?
Yes some members of this school usually help me. If not it
would take me years.
4-What subject do you usually teach?
l usually teach english or art.
5-Do you like your job? Both teaching and decorating?
Yes I love my job. Since I was little I have always loved
decorating my house for Christmas and teaching.

This is this year’s decoration.

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