Today we are going to interview Gemma who is a member of the A.P.Y.M.A. (that means: Asociacion de Padres y Madres de Alumnos).

-Hello Gemma, can we ask you some cuestions?

  • Yes, of course.

-Okey, what events are the A.P.Y.M.A. preparing these days?

  • Well, we prepared the Christmas carols festival that took place on December the 19th. We are also preparing the chocolate party that will take place on Thursday December the 22nd.

-The chocolate party is for all the grades?

  • Yes, including the child’s school.

-Is there any other event are you preparing?

  • Yes, the same day the page-boys or helpers of The Three Wise Kings will visit the youngest classes and will give candies to the kids.

-Are all those things prepared by the A.P.Y.M.A.?

  • Yes, we organizate most of the events of the school.

-Wow, that’s amazing, but it is very sad that very few people know about the A.P.Y.M.A.

  • Yes, that’s true and we also preparate many other campaings and events.

-Thank you for your time.

  • You are welcome.

With this intervew we want you to realize the great job that the A.P.Y.M.A. does.


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