Pollyanna- Eleanor H. Porter

This book is about a girl called Pollyanna that goes to live with her aunt called Miss Polly and makes many friends in the town.


Talking about the characters, we can say is a good book having each one its own personality and character development. For example, there is a man called Mr Pendleton that at very first is very rude and mad with Pollyanna but, after a certain time, he treates her in a better way and even invites her to live with him. There are more examples like this but we prefer you to read them. This book also presents different situations and problems for the characters so you won´t get bored so fast if you don´t like the book.

In conclusion, Pollyanna is a nice book with good characters and a big variety of situations. We highly recomend it if you don´t have to read it in the school.

By Marcos Aranguren , Diego Moreno and Unai Echavarri.

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