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One hot summer day in Asturias, Carlota was upset because there were too many people spending the summer in the same house and she has hidden in a tree. From there he begins to remember how all his problems began. First she live the divorce of his parents, Luis and Mónica. Then Carlota’s mother married Juan and she had to learn to share with three more brothers, even with Paco, who was the one she got along with the least because he was unbearable. After a while, her mother announces that they are going to have twins, Paula and Guillermo. And his father also married another woman who had two daughters from another marriage. The grandparents felt sorry that they couldn’t spend the summer outside their house and they invite everyone to spend the summer on the farm. There were twenty people under one roof and the fights did not stop. When the twins go missing, they all team up to find them. Carlota and Paco remember that when they arrived to saw a cow trapped in the mud. So Paco and Carlota went looking for Paula and Guille in the mud at night. When they got to the mud they found them stuck and they worked together to save them. From that moment Carlota began to value, understand her family and enjoy being with them.

CHARACTERS: the main characters are Carlota, Luis, Monica, Paco, Paula and Guillermo.

Book review.

A very easy book to read and that I think can introduce reading to younger children. Entertaining and with good teachings such as teamwork and the value of family. This book is one of those that I read a long time ago and every time I reread them. However, time has passed and maybe it doesn’t seem as good to me as it did a few years ago, but it’s still a good read that can be reread more than once.

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