Booktubers are a type of activity in which books or novels, of all kinds are discussed. For making your own booktuber, you must record a video explaining the main data of the book.


Little Red Riding Hood was a girl who loved her grandmother so much; one day her mother gave her a basket of food to take to her grandmother, who was sick and lived in a house that was far away from their house. On the way, she met the Big Bad Wolf, who challenged her to a race to granny's house. When Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother's house, the wolf had ate her grandmother and put on her clothes. When Little Red Riding Hood arrived, she thought that the wolf was her grandmother Before she could realise that it wasn´t her grandmother,the Big Bad Wolf was chasing her to eat her. He finally ate her. After a while a hunter found out what had happened and killed the wolf. In the end he managed to get the grandmother out of the Big Bad Wolf´s stomach and Little Red Riding Hood and everyone ended up happy.

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