By: Sergio, Lucas, Ibai and Daniel.


For the preparation of the decoration for these Christmas carols, Teacher Ruth Forgan is in charge, who this year surprises us again with an incredible Christmas decoration, this year is based on the color blue and some incredible designs of a nativity scene and an angel. This work of art is costing her more than 36 hours of work.

So far the infant teachers are expected to do a small performance that we think that we will be able to see with the rest of the actuations.


For now more about the carols of the year we have been go to see Carla, that is a teacher of 5º degree of primary.

The mos important thing about this year is that the parents will be able to go see the children’s performances, which unfortunately have not been able to be done in recent years due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Of course if you won´t be able to go to see the performances they will be retransmitted by the school chanel in YouTube.

For example this is a carol 2018 of 4º of primary it is in the YouTube chanel you can see in the top left of the video.

Also Carla told us that in her class they are preparing a carol with the famous melodie of «Hakuna Matata» but they have been changing the letter of the song.

«This is because kids are more motivated to sing a song that they knew and like a typical carol» Said the teacher.

In addition the dress is going to be inspired in the lions but the details are a surprise that we´ll have to discover.

The dates of the carols are going to be the 16th and 19th of Decembrer.

Our thanks to: Ruth and Carla for their colaboration and help to this proyect.

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