By Aitana, Amaia, Sofia and Lucía

Photo of the book «Ensalada de letras».

Reading this book is fun

In Xaris´ class, 1ºB primary the children are reading, «Ensalda de letras», so that they learn how to read.

The book does not have a specific theme but they like it and it motivates them to see that they are learning to read, but they have not learned the words yet, rather they are learning monosyllables and two syllables, although they do not understand the content of the sentences and texts they are reading.

In each unit there are some pharagraphs in which they learn with different characters or different ways. And it has parts of humor at the same time of learning…
It is very good for them to learn how to read while having fun and enjoying themselves. It is more bearable and simple.

It is a highly recommended book for people who want to teach their children to read or any teacher who needs a book to teach reading, this is recommended as it is aviable for varius primary grade.

Photo of children learning with their teacher.

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